Saturday, May 17, 2008


This ad0rable witch is called 'Dementia'. I think, I've fashioned her after me---I've been a little crazy lately!! *cackle*
She's available on Ebay!

Monday, May 12, 2008

NEW Listings on Ebay!!

Don't miss these new dolls on Ebay.
A Primitive French Girl Doll, Monique
and a Strega Witch Doll, Isabelle. If you need
more information about purchasing these dolls, email me!
Have a great Prim Day
Moonchilds Primitives

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Happy Mother's Day to all you sweet momma's out there!!! I thought I'd share a pic of me and my 'babies' with yall. Have a wonderful day!

Friday, May 9, 2008

a RANT--metaphors included

Have you ever noticed how sweet and nice someone is when you are going to sign on with their service? No matter how many questions you have to ask, they answer. No matter how much trouble you have setting up a shoppe or trying to understand how to post in their forum they insist you 'have' to be apart of or you'll surely miss out on updates, sales and be left behind? They are soooo willing to aid and assist!!
And O, so tickled to sign you up for an automatic monthly deduction from your Paypal account to make your life and business run smoothly.....ahhh...the ease and comfort you'll have with your shoppe in their hands, while they spend endless hours and tons of money on advertising and opening other sites and try to do their best for YOU! it just a tad bit, for themselves? I certainly HOPE so, it's their business. Right? You are just a flower in their pyramid bouquet. Cash is rolling in like mad and they open more sites, why? to make more money? for me? no no, I'm confused, it's for THEM! Right, cuz it's THEIR business. Okay, now, I'm on track. Got that right in my head now.
BUT, month after those fees are deducted from my Paypal account, my little shoppe is rotting away. I'm watering it every 1st and 15th, just as the directions tell me to do. Even tossing in some 'free shipping' fertilizer! BUT, month after month, NO SALES.........................
So....THEY have THEIR business...and it's flourishing. I'm tickled.
I have MY business and it's dry and dying out. I'm not-so tickled.
Funds are diminishing in the Paypal account due to the lack of sunshine & sales at the flower shoppe along with other online places that have CUT my flowers down (ie, Ebay)
So, now, unfortunately, I'm going to have to cancel my shoppe that's bringing me in NO profit, month after month.
I email, nicely, even sadly, as I'm having to close shoppe. Always a sad event. Is there support and sweetness and words of comfort?? Was a met with "we are so sorry to see you leave, please come back as soon as you can and grow your business in our garden of prims. We know times are hard, but rest assured, they will get better. Keep creating, girl and hold your head up high!
We are certainly going to miss you. *hug* Let me assist you with the exit steps that it will take in order for us to stop the reoccurring payment so it won't continue to come out of your Paypal account..."???
NO!! I WAS NOT met with any such service. What I did receive was short, choppy, pissy little emails.
I explain I need to cancel my flower shoppe, unfortunately. And the first note wasn't too bad. "sorry to see you go, I have you scheduled to close on this date".
I was missing the hug, but I'm a big girl and didn't HAVE to have the hug. I thought it was all
well-n-good and as soon as my business funds allow, I'm ready to sign back on board the wheel barrel and plant more flowers!!
BUT....on 'the close date' in question. Fund are pulled from my Paypal account anyway. I email
again...I say "could you please refund the fees taken out?"
Email reply " I told you you'd have to cancel the subscription or the fees will continue to come out. I'll refund your fees today, if I can find the time".
WHAT? I'm looking around--digging thru past correspondences to see where O where that message was.................or WASN'T....
Later that day, they did find time to refund my fees. Thank you.
My Email reply..."I have two flower shoppes that I'm canceling all together. Fees are deducted on different days, please tell me how to cancel my subscription in my Paypal so we don't have to go thru all this again".
My request was ignored. I asked again.
In the meantime--back at the Paypal batcave--, I was frantic to figure out how to cancel my sub payment. I finally got that one canceled from the payment page, but nowhere could I find where my reoccurring payments were, so I could cancel the 2nd shoppe.
Well...then, I got another friendly reply from THEM. "you canceled the other shoppe. I got a notice. Do it the same way".
WHAT A BITCH!!! (a necessary word!!! Nothing else will fit.)

Finally, I found it out, ON my OWN. And got it canceled. Absolutely NO help from THEM.

Now, I know, without a doubt, I will NEVER sign back on board with that sour flower shop!!! And I'll gladly pass along to other unsuspecting Prim crafters the info---BEWARE!! If you have had these same problems or other similar hateful stories, give me a holler back.
IF you've had them, then you'll know WHO I'm referring to in a matter of minutes!!!

You'd think, someone taking your money and with you telling them, you 'want' to come back asap, that they'd be a bit sweeter to you. Obviously not. Customer Service exit support is in SHORT supply with this gal. It's night and day and all about that almighty dollar.

I'm done venting and going to erase this from my mind, in order to be able to create and have
a stress-free day. Plus the fact, that SHE/THEY are NOT worth my time.
I just hope all the other flower shoppe owners aren't treated as cold as I one was.
Sad, very sad.

My the karma gods of the Universe work fairly and swiftly.

OH, and IF YOU TOO, need to know how to cancel a reoccurring subscription payment in your Paypal account, just let me know. I'd GLADLY walk you thru the steps. :)

Love and Light to my Blog readers!!